Apr  May 2021
17 12
Wednesday, May 5, 2021   
Award Winner
$m0k!n Addict of the Day  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (01:41:49h hours)
2- Double Kill  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (21 Two Kills in a row)
3- Triple Kill  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (15 Three Kills in a row)
4- Domination!  |$m0k!n|-DONATUS.BE (5 Four Kills in a row)
5- Rampage!  |$m0k!n|-DONATUS.BE (3 Five Kills in a row)
6- Mega Kill!  Mrs. Stoned (1 Six Kills in a row)
7- Ownage!  |$m0k!n|-Zak (1 Seven Kills in a row)
Camper of the Day!  |$m0k!n|-Zak (7 kills)
Dominatrix  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (8 Dominations!)
Fearless Warrior of the Day!  Mrs. Stoned (6 deaths)
Grim Reaper of the Day!  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (147 kills)
Head Hunter of the day!  Mrs. Stoned (30 headshots)
Hero of the Day!  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (117 captures)
Kamikazer of the Day!  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (3 suicides)
Martyr of the Day!  Mrs. Stoned (126 deaths)
Springtime!!  Sovereignty_CENTRUM_DENMARK (5 snipings with the Springfield 03 Rifle)
Stat Whore of the Day!  Alfing (11,320 points gained)
The Barbarian  Mrs. Stoned (73 kills with the BAR Browning Automatic Rifle)
The Brawler  Sovereignty_CENTRUM_DENMARK (1 knock-outs)
The Guardian  |$m0k!n|-DONATUS.BE (4 Captures blocked)
The Headless Chicken Sprayer  rafael0 (47 kills with the Thompson Submachine Gun)
The Hunter  Alfing (3 kills with the M1 Garand Rifle)
The Manical Glee of Vengeance  Mrs. Stoned (3 Revenge's)
The Nuka Zooka  Margangie (3 kills with the Bazooka)
The Shapnells of Fury  Alfing (3 bombings with the U.S. Grenade)
The Stat Whore  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (117 areas captured)
The Stinger  Margangie (3 kills with the 30Cal)
The Wiggly Snickler  Sovereignty_CENTRUM_DENMARK (3 kills with the M1 Carbine)
Wired to the Source  brian.k (39 ms average connection)
Zhe Ass of Spades  Tabby (1 kills with the spade)
Zhe Germinäder  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (13 bombings with the German Grenade)
Zhe Needlemuss  |$m0k!n|-Zak (26 kills with the C96)
Zhe Offizier  stars | Jango (1 kills with the P38)
Zhe Schreckly One!!  |$m0k!n|-Zak (3 kills with the Panzerschreck)
Zhe Stürm Trupherr  |$m0k!n|-Caligula (134 kills with the MP44 Assault Rifle)
Zhe Zomböner  Tabby (2 kills with the K98 sniper)